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Online KS3 Science Revision
Units 1 - 2 --- Life Processes and Cells (SC2)

Unit One
The seven life processes are to be remembered as the famous MRS NERG!
Movement is to move parts of the body
Reproduction is to produce offspring
Sensitivity is to responding and reacting
Nutrition is to eat enough food to stay alive
Excretion is to get rid of waste
Respiration is to turn food into energy
Growth is to getting to adult size
! Improtant !  All organisms have to do all the seven life processes to be "a living organism."
Unit Two
Cells are tiny building blocks that all livingthings are made up of. If you stain a cell it can easily be seen through a microscope.
Parts of an animal and a plant cell
Nucleus = The brain of the cell which controls what the cell does
Cytoplasm = Controls the chemical reactions in the cell
Cell Membrane = Controls what goes in and out of the cell
Parts of a plant cell only
Chloroplast = Contains chlorophyll for photosynthesis
Cell Wall = Supports the cell and helps the cell keep its shape
Vacuole = Contains a weak solution of sugar and salts, this is called CELL SAP.
Interesting Fact
The actual size of an animal cell is one hundredth of a milimetre, small or what?! And the plant cell is forty times bigger than an animal cell (two fifths of a milimetre). This is why it is almost impossible to see these cells without a microscope!
When you have finished studying all the text above, why don't you see what you've learnt by testing yourself? Then when you've tried testing yourself you may want to learn some of the higher level material. Once you've learnt the higher level material, have a go at the higher level "test yourself" section.