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Online KS3 Science Revision
Units 5 - 6 --- Force, movement, air resistance and friction (SC4)

Unit 5 --- Force and Movement
The easy things to remember
1. Forces are nearly always pushes or pulls.
2. Forces are measured in newtons --- "N"
3. They usually act in pairs
4. They always act in a certain direction.
5. A newton metre is used to measure forces
6. Forces can't be seen, but the effects of a force can be seen.
Forces can make objects do five things
1. Speed up --- like kicking a football
2. Slow down --- like air resistance
3. Change direction --- like hitting a ball with a bat
4. Turn --- like turning a spanner
5. Change shape --- like stretching and twisting

Unit 6 --- Air Resistance and Friction
What is Air Resistance?
1. Air resistance pushes against objects which are moving through the air.
2. It is a kind of frictional force as it tries to slow objects down.
Friction tries to stop objects sliding past each other.
The good point of friction --- it allows things to start and stop
The bad point of friction --- it slows down

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