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Online KS3 Science Revision

Welcome to the Online Key Stage 3 Science Revision Website! This site is for students studying for their national Science sATs exam in May 2004. Here you can do some last minute revision and have a go at some past Key Stage 3 Science exam papers.

Information for Candidates
The end of KS3 exam assesses you in four areas. These four areas are called:
SC1: Experimental and investigative science
SC2: Life processes and living things (BIOLOGY)
SC3: Materials and their properties (CHEMISTRY)
SC4: Physical properties (PHYSICS)
SC1 is assesed by your Science teacher(s) from the coursework you may have produced in Year 9. If you're not sure what this coursework is, ask your Science teacher(s).
Level Thresholds
At the end of Key Stage 3 (after completing your coursework and exams) you will be given an end of Key Stage 3 level. This ranges from a level 1 to a Level 7 (some websites will allow you to try a past "extension paper at Level 8." However you will now not be able to take one of these in the real exam as the exam board don't make them anymore.)
The majority of students at the end of Key Stage 3, will achieve a level between 3 and 7. But a typical 14 year old will achieve a Level 5 (this is called the "National Average Level"). Achieving a Level 5 in the sATs predicts you getting a Grade C in your Science GCSE exams (taken in Year 11). Hopefully this site will help you to boost up your level, and give you a good start to your Science GCSE course in years 10 and 11.

The Exam Tiers
The exam papers are available in two different tiers. The first tier covers National Curriculm levels 3-6 and the second tier covers levels 5-7. Everybody must take their tests in one of these tiers. Usually the top Science group(s) in the year will do Levels 5-7. Your teacher(s) will decide which tier is best for you to show what you know and understand about Science.
Remember that there will always be easier questions at the beginning of the exam and that they will get harder as you progress through. 
Who this site is for
This site is designed mainly for students studying for the test tier "Levels 3 to 6." However this site does cover some material for the tier "Levels 5 to 7" so this site can be used by any Year 9 student studying for their Key Stage 3 Science sATs exam.
Email me!
Email me to say what you think of my website and how it has helped with your revision. Also tell me if there is anything else I should add to my website to make it better for you. But most importantly, email me as soon as you get back your sATs result. This will give me an idea how much this site has helped students with their Science at Key Stage 3. Then I can put up a chart on my website of  levels which students got, who visited this site to help revise for their sATs in May 2004.