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Online KS3 Science Revision
Level 3-6 Practice Exam Papers

Now that you've revised a few topics you may want to see how well you would do in a "past exam paper." These exam papers cover the levels 3 to 6. This is what you will need to do:
Note: You will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader (if you do not already have it) to view these papers. Download it by clicking this link:
1. Click on the paper you want to view
2. When it comes up, you can then print the papers or alternatively do them on seperate paper, reading the questions off the screen.
3. Once you have done both papers. Click on the mark scheme link and mark your papers, it isn't neccessary to print off the mark scheme as this can easily be viewed on your screen.
4. Once you have marked these papers and the scores have been added up, look at the level thresholds table I've made to see how well you've done.

Below is the Levels 3-6 Level Threshold Table


Mark range


0  to 36


37 to 43


44 to 72


73  to 102


103 to 131


132 to 180