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Units 1 - 2 --- Life Processes and Cells (SC2) | Units 3 - 4 --- Properties of acids and alkalis and Acid reactions (SC3) | Units 5 - 6 --- Force, movement, air resistance and friction (SC4) | Level 3-6 Practice Exam Papers | Levels 5-7 Practice Exam Papers | Buying Revision Guides | Other Learning Sites | Thankyou for visiting my website!
Online KS3 Science Revision
Other Learning Sites

There is another revision site that I reccomend you visit.
This site is called KS3 Bitesize (powered by the BBC). This is where you can do some revision, test yourself on certain topics and play educational games. You can also get immediate help from an "SOS Teacher" that is online most of the time who will answer any of your questions. No password is needed to access this website.
Click on the link on the right to access this website